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2015 Ivywood Pinot Noir

Russian River Valley


Due to the drought in 2015, the Calera clone berries from this coastal vineyard were lentil-sized. They slid through our crusher-destemmer machine’s slats and had to be rescued from the bins below—by far the smallest pinot grapes we have ever worked with. The result is an exquisite, bright wine swirling with rich emotional color. 


    On the nose, we find clove, rose petal, and pomegranate. The palate is layered with strawberry licorice, cranberry, pine duff, mushroom, toasted marshmallow, and holiday spice. Mouthwatering acidity is in fabulous juxtaposition to a meaty structure. The dry finish is tinged with a tangy kiss of passionfruit.


    Viticultural Area:  Russian River Valley
    Terrain:  Coastal Ridgeline
    Soil:  Gold Ridge Sandy Loam
    Clones:  115, Calera
    Cases Produced:  326


    A vineyard designate wine is crafted with meticulous farming and artisan winemaking techniques to capture the essence of that vineyard, that year. Every grape in the bottle comes from one small plot of land. These limited-production wines represent vineyards we love for their exceptional quality and character.

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2015 Ivywood Pinot Noir