Febuary is Heart Month! Support heart health by purchasing Colby Red Wine! 



Colby Groom is a healthy 18-year-old. However, when Colby was born, he was diagnosed with an Atrial Septal Defect, or “hole” in his heart. By age two, the “hole” had healed, but doctors then found a defective heart valve. At age 8 Colby had to undergo open heart surgery to repair it, and, a year later, a second open heart surgery, at which time he received a St. Jude Medical valve.


Inspired by his ordeal, Colby wanted to do something to raise money for heart research, so “no kid would have to go through what he went through”. He asked his Dad, notable winemaker Daryl Groom, if they could create a wine together and donate the proceeds to heart research and charities. That wine is Colby Red, a delicious red wine with a purpose – raising funds for cardiac research. Colby Red shows how the Groom family’s passion for winemaking and viticulture has given back to secure for others, the same level of help and support Colby received.


Thanks to on-going support Colby Red has grown from the initial goal of $500 in donations to an amazing $850,000 to date. The next goal is to reach $1million in donations!

Colby is now a seasoned volunteer with the American Heart Association and National Spokesperson for the Children’s Heart Foundation- attending major heart galas though out the year.

Please note that Colby Red wine can no longer be shipped to Pennsylvania.