2014 Earth Pinot Noir

Russian River Valley


The smoldering Earth Pinot Noir is the most robust of our Earth Moon & Stars series. Pinot is traditionally a cool-climate grape, but here we see what happens when it is carefully allowed to get richly ripe in a warmer belt. The Earth showcases the Middle Reach of the northern Russian River Valley, boasting a deep purple color, zinfandel-like texture and brilliant structure.


    The nose features cedar and violet, while the palate is dominated by raspberry jam, black cherry, hickory and brown sugar.


    Barrel Selections are blended from the best barrels of each sub-region. In this way, we offer a walk through the Russian River Valley. Earth Pinot Noir conveys the dark fruits and firm structure of the warm Middle Reach area. Moon Pinot Noir aspires to capture the balanced layering of black and red fruits in Green Valley. Sun Chardonnay displays the bright warmth of Green Valley's small golden clusters. Finally, Stars Pinot Noir is blended for coastal flavors of soil and perfume.




2014 Earth Pinot Noir