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2014 Moon Pinot Noir

Russian River Valley


The Moon Pinot Noir is a compelling expression of the Green Valley sub-region. Here, a cooling marine influence drifts across Gold Ridge soil, a fine sandy loam derived from the remains of an ancient inland sea. Good drainage keeps leaf and shoot vigor low, while roots reach deep in search of water and nutrients. The resulting grapes are balanced yet intense.


    Our 2014 Moon bursts with rich flavors of lavender, black cherry, rhubarb and acai berry. An herbaceous note of sage accentuates the expressive tannins. A study in balance, wholeness, and subtle contrasts.


    Barrel Selections are blended from the best barrels of each sub-region. In this way, we offer a walk through the Russian River Valley. Earth Pinot Noir conveys the dark fruits and firm structure of the warm Middle Reach area. Moon Pinot Noir aspires to capture the balanced layering of black and red fruits in Green Valley. Sun Chardonnay displays the bright warmth of Green Valley's small golden clusters. Finally, Stars Pinot Noir is blended for coastal flavors of soil and perfume.

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2014 Moon Pinot Noir