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Other Appellations Biodiversity is the key to resilience.

Our farm animals are horticultural heroes, and in addition to their very important role in controlling weeds, fertilizing the vineyards and gardens, and helping to build healthy soils, they add life and vitality that can be felt by all who interact with them.

Our animals are like family. They make me, and everyone who sees them, very happy. They are great company as we work in the garden and vineyards, planting, watering, and growing food for our staff and the people who visit.

– – Mario Celis, Groundskeeper

And what a crew they are! The rambunctious goats are always the stars of the show. In the summer of 2019, we wanted to add to our herd by purchasing five baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Originally from West Africa, this breed is very popular because of their size and friendliness. When we went to pick them up, we learned that there were seven brothers in all. We couldn’t bear to leave two behind, so we adopted all seven: Spots, Houdini, Clover, Joey, Lord, Paco, and Billy. Rounding out the herd is Quatro, the biggest goat and definitely the “Alpha” of the group, and Luci- shorthand for Lucifer- who used to be feisty and mean, but like many of us, has become more well-mannered in her old age. Luci is an American Pygmy Goat, and she doesn’t like to be groomed so you’ll have to excuse her un-coiffed appearance, but she is definitely our sweetest and most popular animal on the farm.


We have three different types of sheep, and they are all females. The Dorper sheep are all white and are very good grazers whose coats do not need to be sheared. The Icelandic sheep can be all white or white with black, and have thick coats whose wool is prized for weaving and knitting. And the Southdown sheep are small and are frequently used in vineyards here in California and New Zealand to graze weeds because they are too short to eat the fruit off the vines.

In addition to providing our staff and Club Members with farm fresh eggs, the chickens scratch and peck, assisting at keeping bad bugs in check and adding fertility to the soil. Like the sheep and goats, our chickens enjoy a wonderful life in an environment designed to allow them to express their innate nature and to thrive.

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