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Russian River The heart of our winemaking program.

The Russian River lies in the geographical heart of Sonoma County, and takes center stage in our hearts as well.  Its growing conditions are perfectly suited for creating world-class Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, with warm days cooled in the evenings by fog banks rolling in over the western hills.  This highly acclaimed appellation sets the standard for New World wines.

My passion is to craft wines that capture the unique sense of place that each of these vineyards represents… ensuring that the setting, the soil, the varietal all come together to reflect the vineyard’s unique expression of terroir in your glass.

– – Ross Reedy, Winemaker

Cresta Ridge

The Cresta Ridge Vineyard is located in Green Valley, a sub-appellation of the Russian River.  Because of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the fog hovers over the vines for much longer each day and cooler, coastal winds frequently blanket the vineyard.  The wines tend to be lean but firm, beautifully balanced, with nicely developed tannins and a gentle, soft mouthfeel.



Starscape Vineyard

The Starscape Vineyard is located in the Middle Reach, due south of Healdsburg.  It is arguably the most iconic region for Russian River Valley Pinot Noir with some of its oldest vines.  The warm afternoon sun develops thicker grape skins and the cool evenings result in lower acid levels, creating wines that are lush and rich, with unmistakable red cherry and red fruit notes.

Sexton Vineyard

The Sexton Vineyard is located in the Sebastopol Hills neighborhood.  The Vineyard has steep hillsides, prized Goldridge soil, and a cold northern exposure because of its location about ten miles from the Pacific Ocean. The wind whips and sings through uneven hillsides and shallow gullies formed by the ancient sea.  The vines struggle to create small clusters of fruit, sparsely spaced, resulting in concentrated and structured wines.

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