The winery is open for Tastings Thursday – Monday from 10 am to 5 pm.  Reservations recommended.

Winemaking Listening to what the vineyard wants to express.

Each vineyard is unique, each appellation has a story to tell.  As we walk through the landscape we listen closely to what the site is telling us; we look for its unique expression and think about how to present that in the wines we craft.  Does it have power or finesse?  Elegance or dominance?  Light and levity or ponderousness?  This expresses the personality of the vineyards we work with and qualities we strive to bring out in our wines.

Winemaking description part 1

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– Paul Dolan, Owner

Winemaking description part 2

Winemaking description part 3

Winemaking description part 4

Winemaking description part 5

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